Interactive Amharic Language Tutorial Image

Lesson Over View

The lesson program has many parts. It is divided on the Left, Center, Right and Bottom.

The Left part displays different ways of learning the Amharic Alphabets. The different ways are Lesson by Traditional, Lesson by Shape, Lesson by ABCD and so on. They are just different arrangement/order of the same alphabets.

The Center part displays Amharic Consonants for the selected Lesson. Click on any consonant and you will hear the sound. Click on the Read/Pause button and the computer will read/sound letter by letter .

The Right part displays Amharic Vowels associated with Consonant displayed on the center part.

In other words, each consonant has 7 vowels displayed on the right hand side. Click on the Read/Pause button and computer will read/sound the complete alphabet system.


The bottom part displays Amharic word examples associated with each Vowel displayed on the Right hand side. The first letter of the words is the same as the associated Vowel on the Right hand side.

This gives the student reading word examples.  The bottom part also has text input where you type your own words and the  computer can read the words for you. Click on the Read button to hear the sounds of the words. You can also copy and paste Amharic text and the computer can read the text with sound.