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Alphabet Lesson Program

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Alphabet Lesson Program

  • Check MarksReading Speed Control Button
    • Foreign – turn on/off Foreign Characters
    • Vowels – turn on/off Vowels View
    • Vocabulary – turn on/off Vocabulary View
    • Reading – turn on/off Reading View
    • Microphone – turn on/off Microphone View
  • Print Button
  • Consonants Buttons
    • Next Consonant
    • Previous Consonant
    • Next Page
    • Previous Page
    • Read/ Pause
    • Vowels Buttons
      • Next Vowel
      • Previous Vowel
      • Read/Pause
      • Reader Buttons
        • Next Text
        • Previous Text
        • Read/Pause
        • Vocabulary Buttons
          • Next Vocabulary
          • Previous Vocabulary


The Lesson program is divided into four main viewing areas:

1)   Lesson View – left side of the screen. There are several Lessons listed on the left hand side of the screen. The user can select  a lesson from the list. Each lesson contains several pages. The lesson is structured into consonants and vowels reflecting the structure of the Geez alphabets system. Click on the Next Page button to view the different pages for a selected Lesson title. The Each title displays consonants, vowels, vocabularies and reading examples.

2)   Consonants View– Center and main content area

 Vowel View– Right side of the screen

Text Reader View   – Bottom part of the screen

Voice Recording: Student can practice alphabet pronunciation by recording and listening to it.

Reading Text: Each alphabet has word examples built into the program which the computer can help you read them. Additionally, you can copy and paste text from external sources such as the web or any document and the computer can read the text.

Automatic Reading by the Computer

Read Consonants

Read Vowels

Read Vocabulary

Read Text/Words

MultiLingual: Latin, Arabic and Hebrew


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