Interactive Tigrinya Language Tutorials


Interactive computer-based language learning software is the easiest way to learn Tigrinya language. The products include a blend of reading, listening, speaking, and writing in the Tigrinya language. The products support the different learning techniques and you will get the most out of your experience to learn the language.

Tigrinya Alphabet Lesson($19)

 Learn Tigrinya  reading the easy way. Alphabets are organized in lessons and presented in an easy and highly interactive manner. There more than 200 word examples associated with alphabets to help practice reading. You can record and playback your own voice. 

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Tigrinya Alphabet Game($19)

Tigrinya Alphabet Game software is both and educational and game software. It is first of series of Tigrinya language tutorials introducing children to alphabet learning with fun game. There are three levels to select from: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. 
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 Tigrinya AlphabetQuiz($19)

Learn Tigrinya Alphabet using  practice and quiz. In Practice mode, the learns alphabets using sound. In quiz mode, the user matches sounds and alphabets. Immediate feedback of right and wrong is shown on the screen

 Tigrinya Vocabulary Tutor($19)

Expand your Tigrinya vocabulary using pictures, sounds, and text.  After, the user learns  vocabularies, the user can to quiz self on what is learned. Immediate right or wrong response is shown on the screen when quizzing.

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