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Learn Kidassie/ቅዳሴ the easy way using interactive software

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 Free Kidassie Tutorial

Geez, Amharic, English  for Amharic Speakers (PDF)

 Free Kidassie Tutorial

Geez, Latinized-Geez, English for  non Amharic Speakers (PDF) 


Summary: Kidassie Liturgical Chant Tutorial Geez Latin

Practiced every Sunday and on important holidays though out the year, the Kidassie (chant) is a very important part of the oral chant tradition of the Ethiopain Tewhado Orthodox.

The Kidassie Chant software simplifies the learning  of Liturgical chant, which take years to learn by tradtional method from a Kidassei scholar(Mergieta). It is based on a particular chant book (Sirate Kidassie and Kidassie Hawariat) where the priests, deacons and the public all participate in the chanting on Sundays and important holidays. An interactive software, it synchronizes audio and chant text, where the user can a selected chant unit and playback over and over to master it and practice with own voice, using the built-in voice record and playback.



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– Text content supports 3 Languages-Geez, Amharic, English, including Phonetic Geez 

– Synchronized chant text and audio

– Selectable chant titles

– Chant titles reference to chant units in manuscript

– colored chant text

– Automatic Bookmark chant title for next time

– Player Options: single chant, repeat chant, continuous chant

– Supports Voice recording