There are several lessons to choose from and each lesson, when selected, displays Amharic consonants and vowels. The Lessons vary in their ordering. For example the “Lesson By ABCD”, the Amharic consonants are ordered like abcd to easily find Amharic letter corresponding to an English/Latin letter. The user can click on a letter and hear the sound. Users typed text can be converted to sound, very much like text to speech.


There are several exercises to choose, from simple to more complex. It uses friendly Add and Drop technology to match Amharic alphabets to corresponding Latin syllables. In the exercise, the user can match the alphabets, using the sounds and pronunciations. When in the Quiz mode, user answers are all recorded. The student can go to progress Report to view detailed information about outcome of the quiz.


The reader program contains popular children short stories. Each Amharic letter in the story is live with sound and pronunciation. It is fun to listen to the computer read the story letter by letter, almost like a spoken Amharic.