Tigrinya Alphabet Game($25)

Learn Tigrinya Alphabets while playing game

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Summary:Tigrinya Alphabet Game

Tigrinya Alphabet Game software is both and educational and game software. It is first of series of Tigrinyalanguage tutorials introducing children to alphabet learning with fun and entertainment. There are three levels to select from: Beginner, Intermediate

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– Learn alphabets while playing game

– Alphabets organized by shape, consonants and vowels

– Select from several topics

– Effects: shooting, animation, explosion

– Levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced

– Instant response of correct / incorrect answers

– Repeat button to repeat question

– Skip  button to skip question

– Generates report of game

– Report: contains list of correct, incorrect and unanswered letters

-Print Screen

– Automatic Bookmark vocabulary for next time



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In the Beginner level, the player is assisted by phonetic representation of Tigrinia alphabets in of 12 languages, including English. For example, a user in Germany can use German phonetics for reading Tigrinia alphabets;

In the Intermediate level, the phonetic representation is switched of and only Tigrinia alphabets are displayed on the screen. The user needs to be familiar with alphabets. However, some players with the knowledge of the seven vowel pattern are able to play the game without knowing the alphabets.

In the Advanced level, the vowel patter is randomized making it impossible to play the game without knowing alphabets.

In the Advanced level, the player can play All Consonants, achallenging level even for adults Tigrinia speakers.

The player can also access game result in the Reports screen of right, wrong and unanswered questions