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Summary :TigriniaAlphabet Quiz

Tigrinia Alphabet Quiz software uses  practice and quiz and mode to teach Tigrinia reading. The alphabets are organized by shape and color. In Practice mode, the user learns the alphabets on the screen. In Quiz mode, the user hears an alphabet sound and clicks on the matching alphabet. Immediate feedback of right and wrong is shown on the screen, including number of second took to answer each question. For more challenging quiz, the user can switch off the phonetics relying only on the Tigrinia alphabets.

tigrinia alphabet quiz


– Selectable quiz tops

– Quiz Topics organized by shape, consonants and vowels

– Practice/quiz step by step

-Generates report of quiz

– Instant response of correct / incorrect answers and time in seconds

– Report contains list of correct, incorrect and unanswered letters

– Repeat and skip buttons for each question

-Print Screen

– Select from several quiz files

– Automatic Bookmark quize for next time




tigrinia alphabet quiz filler